Unedited Student Testimonials


It was probably the best assembly ever.

Audriuana Marie



Nessa F.


your impact on my new school today has been amazing! The talks about how you actually opened people's eyes and made them see that no matter where you're from if you strive hard enough you can be what you want, everyone's heard it but no ones had a real life example and you just became a lot of young students inspiration today! I'm glad I got to see you again you gave me hope one more time to think that a kid that came from the same school as me pu
shed through and became something great!
Enough Is Enough. 
Brice W.

You were so great and you inspired me all the way! I didn’t know what the presentation was until I walked in the gym and I knew it was going to be something great! You are my inspiration who I want to be when I grow up!



I would just like to tell you that you've inspired me to stay strong and to never give up on myself even when others are doing everything they can to shut me down. I have family problems at home, and my mother and father don't shy away from making me feel as if I am absolutely worthless. They tell me things like i"m not going anywhere in life, and several other disturbing things. I'm not going to give up on myself though. Thank you for the inspiration.



Hi Mariah. I just wanted to say you are such and inspiration to me, and many other people. Thank you for coming to our school, you're so good at what you do, and I hope to someday find something I love and am good at like you, you give me hope.

Thanks again.


You are the best at what you do and you really inspired me today! And everyone in the gym! You are now one of my inspirations’ that I want to grow up to be like! Thanks for coming and I loved meeting you!

Billie Jean


You’re such an amazing person! I want to let you know, your story inspired me so much to be who I want to be, and that all I need is to be driven, determined & dedicated! Your bullying story today made me cry. I've been a victim of bullying for 7 years & I have to be quite honest. I'm very surprised I'm still here to this day. I've been on and off suicidal watch since I was 10 years old. And just by listening to you talk, letting me know that it's okay, as long as I take the high road & don't sink to the bullies’ level I am doing so much better. You’re such an inspiration. And I want to be just like you when I'm older! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you came. And because you did, I finally want to change my life around and get off my path of depression and eating disorders that the bullies out there made me do. Because I know that people are out there willing to help me! Thank you again!



It was so fun watching you at my school today, you are an inspiration. I have been bullied most of my life mainly about my weight the way I look. I have been called fat, ugly, and being made fun of for having red hair when I was in middle school. Listening to you today made me realize I don’t have to take it anymore thanks for helping me realize that.


I wanted to thank you for saying all the things you did. I was a victim of bullying through middle school and part of high school. It was a really hard time. And I contemplated suicide many times. And somewhere along the way I was so hurt and used to the treatment that to some extent I had become a bully. And this summer I joined the anti bullying campaign and I just really want to thank you. Your presentation did make me cry. And you are my hero.

Thank you.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for coming to Lakewood High School today. I haven't had the best middle and high school experience, and like many others, after the terrible rumors, the laughing and pointing from kids i didnt even know, the ditching, i was left alone at school except for my best friend/boyfriend. He helped me through everything in anyway he could but i was still transformed from an outgoing laughing musically performing girl to a quiet self concious girl trying to hide. Your speech gave me the inspiration and hope to do what i need to do with my life to get where i want and i really cant thank you for your words enough. I hope to see you perform another time soon, Brandon and I REALLY enjoyed it
Your New Fan,



Hay mariah
I am in 11th grade and i go to lakewood high school and I saw your assembly about bullying a while ago and it got me thinking that a change needs to be made for the bullying to stop. And i really want to help that change. I used to live in Florida and I was a victim of bullying myself. I even found out that there was a full out conversation by a whole class about how ugly I was. But anyways, ive moved on from that and your an amazing inspiration to me. I lime to write songs and make things and I saw your anti-bullying campaign, "enough is enough", and I tried starting to write a theme song for it.


Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my school today (kenowa hills) you really inspired me to help get through the hard times!! It helped me a lot! Hopefully all this bullying will stop I'm done being a victim!(:  - Andrea N.

Ive been bullied for several years. Tried to commit 3 times. And have fallen into depression more than twice. I never felt good enough...special...or beautiful... this year I have been fighting it all. Ive been able to fight depression and supporting the halt to bullying. Ive saves several of my friends lives ans I have stopped several people from harming themselves. Ive took my part in things and watching you today at our school pushed me. If someone as beautiful and amazing as you got bullied then who knows. Maybe it is a thing that happens to everyone. Beautiful or not. You helped me today. And I want you to know you changed my view in everything. When I looked in the mirror I only saw a soulless shadow living my life. Today I saw a human. A human who made mistakes. And is on the verge of fixing them.

Catherine A. JR


Thank You So much for your presentation and speech! Ever since it, school had been a little bit more peaceful. People are actually caring about each other and standing up against bullying! I was bullied a lot in 4th grade by girls that I thought were my best friends. They tried to turn my true best friends against me and it was horrible. They tried to Make Me feel like nobody liked me. They are now nicer to me because of you! Thank You so much again! Me and all of my friends at Quincy loved your presentation! Thanks!



Hi. I am from Quincy.  I just want to thank you. You made me realize, that when we get bullied, we aren't the only one. And, my dad, attempted suicide about a year ago. And, I want to stand up to bullying. Suicide is a hard thing. And no one should be pushed to that point. I just wanted to thank you for coming today. It made me realize that, I'm not the only one. Thanks. (:and, you are defiantly one of my inspirations. You showed us, that we can be anything that we want to be.

Thanks so much!



 You came to my school today! Your speech was SO inspirational. I have been a victim before too, I never thought that there were so many kids in my school that have been bullied. Enough is enough for sure.


 Hi you came to my school to day you are my knew inspiration i LOVE you!! That speech was amazing it brought Tears to my eyes. enough is enough


Thank you for coming to my school today(; I love you so much and you are my role model! I hope you make a differance around the world💗 I love you so much


I met u at school (bothewell) and u were AWESOME!! Your such and amazing inspiration I wrote EIE on my hand like u said and hope u get your dream your speech helped a LOT of kids that needed to talk about it and thank you SOOOO MUCH (determination drive and dedication)


You are literally such a big inspiration to me!! You made me realize the hurt that people go through and that I shouldn't just sit and watch it and I admit that I have been a bully but I have also been bullied a numerous amount of times for a lot of different things and when you showed us the pictures of those young people who committed suicide because of bullying I literally burst end out in to tears and I crude when you were telling us about how you got bullied you are seriously the best romodel ever!! You are so talented and so pretty and you keep doing what your doing because what your doing has made us dream bigger and it helps us realize that you don't have to be rich to achieve things because you never say I can't because it means I don't want to! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!



 Hope u get well!! I had such a great time when u did an assembly at our school! U have inspired me and now i believe in myself even more. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



I remember you when u visited Bothwell middle school for the stop bullying program I learned a lot enough is enough thanks


You are my newest role model thankyou so much for coming to negaunee! You're so pretty! You're and inspiration to many and mostly me! Thankyou sooooo much! Keep on doing what you're doing Mariah.



 You are so inserational you are my insperation! Ive been bullied since 5th grade now that you came and talked to my school its been a lot different, my life has chaned since you came. The girls that picked on me are now realising that it crushes me when they call me names and pick on me. But since you came they have been nicer to me and now theres less stress in my school and on me. Thank you so much!! I cant evan explain how graitful that you came to my school!

B. Vicks


 Great job today! You came to my school, aspen ridge and I loved it. Thanks!

lily_horan5 You are amazing! Today you came to my school and you're now a lot of my grades' inspiration. Thanks SOO much!

lindgren_15wave Did you go and talk to the kids at North Star? I know you came to my school and talked to us! (Bothwell) But anyways a girl at North Star just killed herself because of how bad she was being bullied!! I never knew her but I feel so bad about what happened!! And she thought she was ugly and no one would ever love her. But thank you for what you are doing!!

Korianna Rae Kevern I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the Gwinn High School! You are such an inspiration to everything and especially myself! Thank you again:)



Just wanted to say Thankyou for coming to gwinn. You are all my three kids are taking about! My oldest 2 you saw yesterday,Tierra and tucker. He was the volunteer for the karate moves,lol. And tianna saw you at the elementary school. You are an amazing role model!

Jen T.


 Hi, I was at the assembly from North Star. I thought you brought up great points on how to handle bullying. Your demonstrations were cool too.

Cody O.


I am a student from Gwinn High school
Thank for coming to our school and telling
us about your story... wish to hear your story again.



Thank you for coming to our school bothwell you changed me and I think I'm going to try to live my dream didn't think that their was so many other people who got bullied and even my crush one of the coolest kids in 6th grd got bullied I was so surprised .my friend freaked out wen u gave her a hug she kept saying I got to hug a famous person and she was almost crying thank you u have definitely changed my school.



Mariah, Thanks for coming to Northstar today:) We enjoyed your presence. You almost got me to tears today, I'm usually not the kind of person who will cry in front of a big crowd like that, but you almost got me there! You are very amazing and talented. I do agree, Enough Is Enough! Thank you for coming, once again.



 mariah moore you where at my school today i go to isabel flecher p.s in sault ste marie ont and i just wonted to tell you that i had fun watching you and hearing your story.



Hello Miss, Mariah. I really enjoyed your show/presentation at Westwood today. I have been thinking of joining Muay Thia, but you have inspired stop dreaming and go out and do it, and to be the greatest me I can be. You have really inspired me and I have endless respect for you.



Hey Mariah, I just wanted to say thank you for your powerful assembly you gave us at Westwood. It made me feel slightly less alone, especially when I was in the room more one on one with you when you talked to my action troop. I've suffered from social anxiety, chronic depression, anorexia and bulimia, and self harm. Before you came to kind of clear it all away, I was feeling really suicidal. Like there was no point in anything anymore and anything a tad too much could push me off the edge because no one likes me, that gay kid in the back of the room that's a mute. Just knowing that you were able to do all these great cool things gives me hope that I might actually be able to achieve what I want in life and that I'll be able to rise above the dark abyss devoid of any form of soothing. But your speech and that bullying activity made me feel more involved, more worth something. Thank you so much, it means everything to me that I was blessed to have you come to my school and do that for me



 Hi Mariah you have inspired me and taught me to dream big and don't let anyone stand in the way I am from aspen ridge middle school and I'm a 8th grader my biggest dream is to become a professional barrel racer I have loved horses my whole life and for some time I couldn't do anything with them my parents didn't have the money but now I work at a stable and get to see horses almost every weekend I thank u for coming to our school to support that bullying is not right and enough is enough and I take the pledge for enough is enough of bullying !!!!! You are my new role model!!! - Valerie

Braeden ArsenaultOMG! You were at our school Aspen Ridge for the bully awareness thing today and what you did with all of your "instruments" was Great! Thanks for coming!



You're so inspirational whether it's achieving your dreams, or standing up to bullies. Both hit home with me, I was a victim of being bullied from 4th grade until highschool after I switched schools. No only was, what seemed to be everyone mean to me, I also didnt understand any of the things we were learning. It was compeltly awful, which brings me to my second point- my pets gave me something to live for, and now I breed bettas for show and show dogs. Thank you for coming to westwood I saw you in the hall way, and I couldn't find the words to thank you enough, but I wish I would have. You truely deserve the biggest thank you more than anyone I know. So again, thank you Mariah, keep doing what you're doing. Enough is enough. Youre great at what you do, never stop, kids out there need a role model like you in their lives.



I wanted to private message you and say thank-you so much for coming in and sharing your story with us at Westwood. It honestly touched my heart because I can relate, maybe not in the same way, but I race cars and trucks and that's a male dominant sport and I get hate every single day from peers at school, both female and male, and I even get hate from 40 year old men and women for racing, etc. and your presentation today touched my heart and made me realize that even if someone gives you hate you shouldn't give up on your dreams. I was so close to wanting to quit racing because I got teased so much but because of you I'm going to continue chasing after my dream of racing NASCAR which is what I've been wanting to do since I was 8. You were right, you are proof and you are my new idol because without your presentation today and knowing your story and how not giving up has paid off for you I would've quit something I love and I probably would've regretted it every single day so thank-you so so much! When my dreams come true I'll have you to thank for that. Hope I get to see/meet you again some day!



Thank you so much Mariah for coming to our middle school today! you are amazing! I'm bullied throughout school and I cut myself and had tried suicide 27 times. after seeing your show I went home and threw my razor away, and thought to myself 'I can. I can do this. I'll make it through life' you are my inspiration♥ I can't tell you how much it means that you came, if you hadn't, I might be dead. I went home and cried almost everyday. when you explained how you were bullied I cried because most of that is happening to me. I always let the bullies get to me. now, I know I'm strong, beautiful, worth it! thank you so so so much Mariah!♥



You are a really amazing person, I look up to you so much and I'm really glad you came to my school. I did cry a bit because it really did touch me. Thank you so much for getting that message to my classmates! I'm sorry for what you went through, I'll always be your friend starting today. If I could get a t-shirt to support you to, that'd be really awesome. I will send the picture of my hand to your wall soon. Thank you, again, so much!!!



You are a amazing person. You came to my school today. Negaunee middle school. I started to cry when you were talking about people bullying you and those people that committed suicide. I feel their pain and I'm sure I feel your pain from when you were being bullied. I don't have much friends. I'm the outcast of my school. It's because I'm really different. I'm stronger than most of the boys, because I do boxing. I got very emotional when you where talking about people hurting other people. I have people that corner me everyday and tell me I'm worth nothing and that I shouldn't be here, plus the fact that I am abused everyday. It uses to be physical but now it's sociologically. And they tell me that nobody likes me, so what i always say is i dont care if you dont like me i like me and thats all i need. All I really want to tell you is I love you as a person and my model and I appreciate you coming to my school. I will never give up. Thank you for being here and I hope we meet again.



Hey Mariah!! I go to Gwinn.. after I saw your demos I was amazed!! So I talked to my mom and she said she will let me join Black Dragon Martial Arts when cheer season is over. Also, all over my school whenever people get hurt or something, we tell them to remember what you said. Walk away and tell an adult.



You were awesome at the assembly at Gwinn Middle School. I get bullied alot. 5 of my bully's apologized! I even got asked to the next dance by one of them! I suffer from Schizophrenia. I suffered in silence for the first and year and told one person and the rumor spread like chicken pocs. I get pushed into lockers, and called Skizzy. I've punched my bully. Everyone just called me a spaz after that. I cried during the assembly. You touched my heart. People still bully me. But one of my friends, who was my bully stood up for me. Thank you for coming to my school. If you didn't I would have killed myself by now. The bullying escalated this year and last Friday it got bad. Thank you for saving my life. I love you Mariah.