Did you know:

  • Every 29 seconds an assault occurs

  • Every 2.5 minutes a sexual assault happens

  • Every 5 Minutes a rape happens (2007 National Crime Victims' Rights Week Resource Guide)

  • One in 5 women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college (www.bjs.gov)

A  20 time world champion martial artist with over 15 years of martial arts experience, Mariah is the ideal self-defense/safety awareness instructor! With a passion to make a difference, she puts an emphasis on safety awareness and simple, easy to remember defense techniques.

EVERYONE will take home critical information from her seminars!

What to expect in a self-defense seminar - 

  • Action-packed martial arts demonstration to fun, fast paced music 

  • Self Defense and Safety Awareness Introduction

  • Short warm up/ stretch

  • Safety Awareness Techniques - the best way to defend yourself is to avoid a dangerous situation all together!

  • Simple, easy to remember self defense techniques. Mariah is a firm believer in simplicity when it comes to defense. She uses real world, common examples of attacks and uses easy to follow defense techniques. Each maneuver is formatted so that EVERYONE can remember them in a time of need - a person only has 3 second to react when attacked. Mariah guarantees what she teaches is easily recalled and 100% effective!

  • Question/Answer Session - includes anyone's questions about additional attack scenarios 

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